Michael will prepare a customized experience when he’s invited to speak with you and your organization. Here are just a few examples of past talks and trainings he has delivered.

  • Impacting the World: Allow yourself to explore the possibility that you are more than what you are living. Through this reflective session, Michael challenges his audience and guests to examine the importance of raising one’s standing, maximizing potential, and overcoming fears through the power of a positive attitude. Michael invites participants to reflect on how much their lives matter. By coming to terms with the importance of their own lives, Michael opens up the powerful realization of how much our living – through what we give and contribute – matter to others. Michael helps his audience to accept and respect that what they do impacts the world and contributes to a more generous world. Through an examination of his #WhyIGive platform, Michael looks at how we can “democratize philanthropy and extend the power of giving beyond dollars and cents.
  • Creating a Generosity Culture/The Power of Generosity: Have we lost what philanthropy is supposed to be all about? Through is thought provoking session with Michael Chatman prepare to have your believes and the status quo challenged. Michael takes us on a journey of what philanthropy is supposed to be about – the love of humanity. Through his presentation, Michael drives home his core message that you can’t be in philanthropy and not live the people you serve. Going beyond philanthropy as metrics and measurement and charts and grids of financial impact, Michael challenges his audience to consider a broader view and be called back to the origins of philanthropy as a lifestyle, part of one’s character, and more than check writing.