Convincing organizations that purpose matters just as much as profits isn’t always easy. Michael helps today’s business leaders craft the strategies and the messages that help employees, board members, and other stakeholders see the value and necessity for a purpose-driven mindset. His hands-on, personalized solutions take a deep-dive into goals and objectives and challenges and barriers to discover which techniques should be deployed to drive toward a culture of purpose.

Service in action:

The leadership of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks connected with Michael in search of guidance for a new, comprehensive rural philanthropy initiative that there were pursuing. Michael designed a custom, executive coaching program to help with the planning and execution of the initiative that included implementation guidance, on-the-ground support, and post-initiative implementation evaluation. Through deep analysis of the initiative’s real-time results and the lessons learned, Michael’s counsel has positioned the Foundation strongly for the final phase of the initiatives rollout.

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