When Michael speaks, audiences listen. Voted one of the most influential figures in new philanthropy, Michael Chatman is a passionate, credible speaker with the energy and insights that move audiences. Michael brings a command for the numbers and data behind philanthropy today and combines it with compelling stories, smart humor, and a palpable drive that helps givers and aspiring givers find their way to deeper impact through philanthropy. Audiences typically include C-suite and senior staff within charitable giving funds, principals of private foundations, executive directors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and donors of all levels. Speaking fees vary based on travel involved and level of customization. To check on availability or to book Michael today send us an email with your event details.

Service in action:

The National Conference of Mayors (NCM) was looking for new ways to engage the nation’s mayors to invest in teenagers’ struggling with poverty so that greater impact could result. Michael delivered a customized, personal message to the NCM which focused on action vs. rhetoric. It called on the mayors to be leaders through action by examining what peak performance is and how it can change perspective and lives. Michael’s talk resulted in a standing ovation from the NCM participants attending and providing the springboard for attendees to return to their communities with new ideas and energy to bring about change.

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