Michael is singlehandedly redefining the art of giving. He believes that we are all more than what we’re living, and has inspired millions to live more generously.”

We all want to ‘be the change.’ Michael gives us the motivation, information, and tools we need to become more strategic philanthropists.”

Having Michael as a guest host of GreatPositive’s inaugural tweet chat allowed us to reach nearly a million people and engage with an amazing diverse group of positive thinkers ranging from nonprofit fundraisers to ministry leaders, volunteers and donor advisors.”

Carol Luong

Michael teaches us that giving to others starts with being generous to ourselves. He pushes us to recognize the importance of our individual lives, teaches us to maximize our potential and to recognize the unique purpose we each have.”

Michael pushes us to rethink not only how we give, but more importantly, how we live, teach, and work.”

Michael’s #WHYIGIVE movement is a rallying call that connects passionate, engaged, and informed philanthropists from around the globe to share ideas, and join forces to create a more generous world.”

Whether it’s through CFO’s 45 affiliate regional foundations, his own foundation, celebrity connections, or his more than 340,000 Twitter followers, Chatman is just about everywhere. He is a social media influencer in philanthropy.”

Nonprofit Times

Whether you have a heart for improving the lives of veterans or seniors, healing the environment, fighting cancer, saving cats and dogs, or providing youth with opportunities, the self-proclaimed “pied piper of generosity” will turn those passions into dollars that help the community.”

The News Press